New Frontiers in Research Funds-Exploration: The Energetics of Life

Based on a recent publication, the Micro & Nano Mechanics lab is starting a new adventure on the investigation of the energetics of cytoskeletal contraction. This proposes to bridge some of the most important biochemical activities within the cytosol of a cell and its mechanical response at the macroscopic level. This new research program is sponsored by “New Frontiers in Research Funds – Exploration“. Moreover, in summer 2020 CISM, the prestigious institute in Udine, Italy, will host a summer course on the subject of active gels: “Mechanics of Smart and Bio-Hybrid Gels: Experiment, Theory, Numerical Simulation“.

M. Bacca, O.A. Saleh, R.M. McMeeking (2019) “Contraction of polymer gels created by the activity of molecular motors“, Soft Matter 15, 4467-4475.